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Silly Songs for Silly Kids

Silly Grandpa is a children's musical entertainer based out of Nashville, TN.

Silly Grandpa is the brainchild of two-time, Grammy nominated writer and artist, Michael 'Supe' Granda. As a founding and current member of seminal, 70's classic rock band, the Ozark Mtn. Daredevils, the transformation was simple. 

"Becoming Silly Grandpa was easy," Supe states. "I was always the silly kid who loved silly songs, like "The Purple People Eater," "How Much is That Doggie in the Window?" and "Alley Oop." The sillier the song was, the more I liked it. When my grandkids started to come along, as a songwriter, it was fun to write simple, little songs to entertain them. I just became a silly grandpa."

On "Chicken in the Yard,' Supe has recruited a group of serious musicians to play his whimsical music. Calling on his Nashville Cat Friends that have played with John Fogerty, Poco, June Carter Cash, Bobby Keys, The Derailers and Goose Creek Symphony, the newly-formed Silly Grandpa Band entered Nashville's acclaimed Fry Pharmacy Recording Studio, for a three-day romp around the room.

This eleven-song effort is sure to tickle children from ages 3-83. "Most of the songs aren't much over two-minutes long. That's fine with me. Playing for little kids is a blast. They don't care if you forget a lyric. All they want to do is dance around, clap their hands and act silly - kinda like me."

Invite Silly Grandpa to your party, school or special event. He can perform solo, duo or trio (bass and fiddle).

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