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Children's Party Music

Birthday Party Musical Entertainment

Invite Silly Grandpa to your children's birthday party or any other special event where kids need to be entertained!

Having Silly Grandpa solo or with his friends (fiddle and/or upright bass) to entertain you kids is a great idea! 

Your kids and their friends will laugh with delight while they sing, clap and dance along to Silly Grandpa's fun and entertaining songs! 

*Silliness is guaranteed!

Birthday Party Review


We had a blast with Silly Grandpa at the party…he was definitely the highlight of the day, and all the kids really enjoyed him playing for them!! My son (the birthday boy) asks to watch Silly Grandpa videos all the time now… 
I would totally recommend Silly Grandpa to friends and family that may want to add that to their parties!! 

Renata Nave, Ph.D
University of Tennessee


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